Cabopino post lock down

As I type this at the end of June 2020 things seem pretty normal here in Cabopino.  Indeed other than noticing people wearing masks post lock down Cabopino is very much as it was.

With the exception of Cocoa beach I think all of the restaurants and bars are now open.  The Cabopino beaches are open with plenty people enjoying the fine sands and the sea.

Cabopino golf course is open again and the marina is a hive of activity with jet skies and boats coming and going to enjoy the Mediterranean.

Cabopino Beach

The Spanish lock down was very brutal and strictly enforced.  As a result for the the past few weeks the area, and indeed most of the country has been very corona free.  The death rates have dropped to ones and zeros and the virus is no longer the main front page news.  My concerns from March about would I ever feel safe sat in a bar or restaurant again in the coming years have proven unfounded.  The restaurants and bars are taking sensible precautions but given the very low infection rates in this area I do feel very safe when out socialising.

Cabopino Golf Course

What is certainly different at the moment, for almost the start of July, is a lack of tourists for obvious reasons.  But this is also all about to change as countries re open their borders.  My enquiry rates have gone through the roof from those wishing to visit the area in the coming weeks.

But a word of caution.  Although currently very rare here in this part of Spain the virus is still around – we all need to follow the guidelines and take sensible precautions to ensure it is kept under control.  Social distancing, sanitizing our hands, etc should all be maintained.

So I’m happy to report post lock down Cabopino is still very much like my beloved pre corona Cabopino 🙂