Cabopino Penthouse Terraces

Penthouses apartments carry quite a significant premium – why do I need one! My thoughts exactly when buying the apartment.

The below image shows about one third of the terrace space!

cabopino penthouse apartment terraces

But in our case we felt we simply had to pay the premium. Put simply the Las Mimosas Golf de Cabopino site is very nicely designed, but the lower two floors are heavily shaded during the day by the above floors. In addition the lower floor apartments tend to be looking out onto other buildings, whereas the penthouse apartments, with a little more height have beautiful sea views.

This can be seen in the below image showing our ‘detached’ penthouse apartment with the terrace wrapping all the way around it.

Holiday apartment to rent in Cabopino

chill out furniture on the terrace

The penthouse apartments on the Las Mimosas Golf de Cabopino complex, like ours, benefit from a huge very spacious 124m2 wrap around terrace, giving our guests the benefits of all day sun and light.

cabopino apartment terrace

We do have a canopy for the times when you have had enough sun. 

And as mentioned above you also have a far better sea views from the terraces, and the advantage of no attached neighbours to the sides.  In the below image you can see the mountains of North Africa, behind a very calm Mediterranean sea, with Cabopino marina in the foreground.

views of africa from cabopino apartment terrace